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Rent The Runway meets high Indian Fashion at Luxemi.com

Today on MBAsocial we spotlight Swapna Chandamuri, co-founder of Luxemi, an e-commerce site where customers can borrow or buy the latest luxury Indian apparel and accessories.

Swapna and her business partner (and best friend) Swathi Narra solved their fashion problems by starting a business. Says Swapna in the interview:

It started with five wedding invitations in a span of three months. My co-founder (and best friend!) and I had an immediate reaction: “What do we wear?”

We did the math: one wedding equaled at least four distinct outfits (complete with matching accessories, of course). With no trip to India planned, we faced some fashion hurdles: 1) Are our sarees still in fashion? 2) Do they still fit? 3) Can we still wear the salwar that was posted on Facebook for the world to see?

For the full interview, go to MBAsocial.

See an adjacent profile on Luxemi’s other co-founder, Swathi Narra on fashion and design site, Refinery 29.

Check out Luxemi.



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