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Madison Dearborn alum Rick Desai writes that MBAs make great entrepreneurs

Rick Desai, founder of Dashfire and a Madison-Dearborn-trained entrepreneur, was a panelist this past spring at the Wharton Entrepreneurship Conference. He found that the recurrent theme of the session was around the widely accepted fact that startups these days need a technical co-founder. Not true, he argues. MBAs add value, too.

“This cohort of people is being recruited to lead Goldman Sachs, P&G, and Google.  They can identify problems and challenges, strategize solutions, and build teams. They have invaluable networks, access to capital, and while in school,  an optimal perfect demo market in their diverse set of peers.  If the only way they could build their vision were to wait to secure a  technical co-founder, the marketplace would continue to have an abundance of powerpoints and business plans but would be devoid of products and businesses.”

I’d agree. I’ve built everything I’ve done in WordPress, and while it’s not the most sophisticated, 1 time out of every 3, someone asks me who built my site…because they really need to find a good development firm.

You read it here first: it’s possible to do this without an engineer. Not all of it, but at least a proof of concept, as Rick writes. Just be prepared for a steep learning curve.

Read Rick’s full post here. Check out his company, Dashfire, while you’re at it.



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